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Collect rainwater in a water butt


Collect rainwater in a water buttWater for your garden

Using a Water Butt to collect rainwater from your guttering is a great way of watering your garden.  Not only do you save money but rain water is better than tap water for your garden.

There are loads of benefits for using a water butt to water your garden

  • Rainwater is better for garden than tap water
  • Rainwater is free
  • Rainwater is better for the environment

Installing a water butt

Installing a water butt is pretty straight forward as well:

  • Select a down pipe from your guttering with plenty of room to site the water butt close by
  • Cut the down pipe at the desired height and fit a diverter. 
  • Locate the water butt on a  stand or firm base.  Ideally this should be above the ground so you can full your watering can using the tap.  Mind you its not a major problem to fill up your watering can from the top  

Water ButtChoosing a water butt

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Chose a water butt that will fit into the space you have
  • Chose a water butt or butts that will collect enough rain water to water your garden
  • Make sure the lid is secure and child proofed

Where to get a water butt
Most water companies sell water butts as well as DIY stores such as Focus, Wickes & B&Q.  There are also a number of online suppliers who may be cheaper and who will deliver to your door such as Screwfix & The Urban Garden.

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