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Home costs and efficiency


No matter how large or small your home or your income the costs to live in your home will represent a large part of your outgoings.
Included in this section of are a number of articles and useful guides to help you ensure that you don’t pay too much to run your home.


Gas FlameUtility Costs

Utility services are fundamental to the efficient running of your home. Depending on the utilities available the cost of the services could have a significant impact on the running cost of your home.


Your choice in appliances can make a big difference to your home energy bills.  Installing energy efficient light bulbs can provide excellent payback.

Reducing your homes heat loss

Insulating your home will not only save you money but is better for the environment and improves the comfort of your home.

Reducing Heating Costs
Switch energy suppliers
Energy Saving Lightbulbs
Energy Efficient Dishwashers
Energy saving washing machines
Water Meter or Water Rates
Fitting a water butt
Shopping Around
Cheaper Energy Suppliers

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