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Selling your home is stressfulSelling your home

Selling your home is one of the most stressful activities to do. There is the hassle of the selling process and getting that all important offer. And thats just the start, packing up a house is not only hard work but stressful.

However, that said the reward of getting a good prices and moving in to your new home always seems more than enough compensation for all the stress and hard work.

It is often easier to sell a property when the market is in a very buoyant mood. But sadly that climate rarely occurs and even if you did sell your property quickly perhaps you could have got a higher price if you had paid attention to some of the defects.

Be realistic about your property and the value of your home

In business management at tool called a SWOT analysis can be a useful backdrop to help you anaylse the property. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

Draw up a list under these headings. Under strengths it may be location or particular architectural features. Weaknesses could be that it needs decorating or there may be an obvious structural defect. Opportunities could be that it has space to extend or may be to buy an adjoining piece of land. Finally under threats it may be that there is a new housing development which may devalue your property or there are going to be road changes which will affect access or parking.

Our helpful guides will take you through the process of selling your home, help you get the best price and put you in touch with key suppliers in the process.





Selling your home
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