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Renovating or improving the bathroom or bathrooms in your home can add value to your home not only interms of resale value but interms of comfort and enjoyment.

Having a professional re-design and refit your bathroom can be costly with costs ranging from around a £1000 up to around £20,000 or even more.

Often the cost will depend on a number of factors. How large the room is, how much plumbing needs to change, electrics as well as the type of fittings you are using.


Showers vary a lot in price and you need to consider things like how much power wis needed and how much water is consumed. For example a powerful shower with multiple body jets will use a lot more water than a single shower head. You many need to use mains water with a powerful pump and electric heating.


Whirlpool baths require power to run the jets and are generally more expensive than a traditional bath





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