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Insurance cover for building work


If you are having any building work done to your home you should make sure the builder and work is properly insured.  Do not assume that your buildings and contents insurance will automatically cover you if your builder accidentally knocks the front wall of your home down.
Likewise if you are doing building work yourself you may not be covered by your home insurance.

Speak to your home insurance company, read the policy booklet and be sure you know what is and isn’t covered.
Most reputable builders will have professional insurance.  However, assuming this is in place or accepting that they have it because the builder told you they did could well be a very expensive mistake.

If your home insurance is due for renewal it’s well worth shopping around not only to get the best price but you can also use the opportunity to check what’s covered and notify them of the planned building work. is an independent site with a directory of home insurance companies and providers that offer buildings insurance, contents insurance and combined building and contents insurance.

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